How to recycle packaging from your flatpack

In this article, we share five tips to help you when it comes to recycling your flatpack packaging. Recycling can help to save energy use and reduce pollution.

1. Learn about your council’s system for recycling

Learn about what your council accepts in your recycling bin. According to Clean Up Australia, the general rule is that if it’s not “packaging or paper or cardboard it does not belong”.






2. Flatten cardboard

Flattening cardboard helps it to move through the sorting station efficiently. Cardboard can be recycled into other products, for example, packaging, tissues and paper.

If you operate a business and have lots of cardboard, consider investing in a bailing machine to help you manage it. Cardboard that has been bailed takes up less space and is easier for a service provider to collect. It also makes it safer to handle.





3. Upcycle

Get creative and ask yourself whether you can upcycle any of the materials. Some ideas include making cardboard kids furniture, a pet bed or a cardboard scratching post for your cat.






4. Reuse for storage

You could reuse boxes for storage or offer to give spare boxes away to others.








5. Removing old furniture

Consider whether you can rehome the old furniture by giving it away through OzRecycle or Freecycle. If you can’t give it away or resell it, learn about the council’s bulky items pick-up process.






We can also recycle packaging from your flatpack when you book your next assembly job.

We hope you found this article helpful!